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Jon Emmett is a professional sailing coach and Training Officer for the UKLA (UK Laser Class Association) He worked with Lijia Xu from China from 2011 to 2016, the highlight of which was her winning the Gold medal at the 2012 Olympics. He now coaches Tuula Tenakanen and Lucia Falasca.

He still races himself and in 2018 he was Apprentice Master European Champion and top of the UK Radial Ladder.   


His first book Be Your Own Sailing Coach was a great success and has recently been republished as Coach Yourself to Win.

His second book Be Your Own Tactics Coach is still going strong and both books are available to buy from Amazon.


Coach Yourself to Win

On Facebook Jon has a Coach Yourself to Win page where he has all the latest videos and pictures from the most important sailing events.

A Coach Yourself to Win group where you can find key Notices of Race, Sailing Instructions plus the latest news and results.

A Jon Emmett Sailing page, where you can read about his current racing and coaching activates and finally there is a Jonemmettsailing channel on YouTube with many useful instructional videos.


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Personal Coaching

Jon is an international racing coach mainly working 1:1 with aspirational sailors READ MORE

Sailing Talks

During the off season he travels around the World doing his Coach Yourself to Win talks READ MORE

UKLA Regional Training

He is also the Training Officer for the Laser class in the UK and is always on hand for help and advice READ MORE

Jon's Coaching CV

The vast majority of his work comes from word of month but you can see his qualifications here READ MORE

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Feb 4, 2019 |
2019,  |

Well I am writing this blog, like so many others, on a plane heading back home from a regatta. This time the regatta was the Miami World Cup, and shortly after landing I will be meeting Tim Hulse who looks after the GBR Youth training for the UKLA (check out his interview on the UKLA Facebook page).

Jan 15, 2019 |
2019,  |

Fort Lauderdale

Jet lag! Well I was truly suffering at the beginning of January, not because of the holiday season festivities which were quite some time ago but due to the severe jet lag caused by travelling from China to Miami (with stop offs in Helsinki, London and New York on route, so as to keep the cost down). I was so exhausted, not just with the physical tiredness, but mentally, and nothing to do with old age as several of my peers have recently admitted to putting a credit card in the fridge or finding themselves half way up the stairs and too tired to remember if they were on their way up or down! In an effort to kill the jet lag I finally went for a run after 3 days but even then, I managed to get lost in Miami, the place with the most local street names ever. Coming back after having been away for over twice as long as expected I found a very worried Tuula who had been googling how to contact  people regards a missing person!


Nov 26, 2018 |
Coaching, Racing, UKLA, 2017-2018,  |

Masters Inlands

Well the year is gradually drawing to a close and I write this as I pack to head out for Vilamoura, Portugal, for our 2nd Camp there. With the temperature in the UK dropping sharply we are able to access much warmer training here, on the same time zone, with just a 2 hour flight. Tuula enjoyed a long break from sailing after Japan and now is on the way back up while Lucia is working hard in Argentina, where the weather is much better than Europe this time of year!