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Jul 25, 2017 |
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The winning mind

The one thing all top sailors seem to have in common is the ability to take responsibility for their actions. You won't hear them talking about a bad wind or an unlucky shift. They will relish every mistake they make as an opportunity to improve themselves and make themselves even better.


Time spent making excuses and trying to justify mistakes is wasted time, and can become a very bad habit because it stops you thinking about how to avoid those mistakes in the future. If you close your eyes to your failings then you will find it very difficult to change them and this is why I am a huge fan of Goal setting. The ability to tackle weaknesses rather than simply defend them is what separate the Champions from the also rans.

Remember, in the future people will remember only the final result: who ran the race or regatta. Everyone has difficulties, everyone suffers setback, often beyond their control and it is how we deal with them that matters. Everyone is busy, everyone wishes they had more time but people always make time for what is truly important to them and it how you use that time that counts. Take responsibility for your actions and be the best you can be.

Of course. this winning mind is not just applicable to sailors, it is applicable to all successful people from many different walks of life.

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