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Oct 25, 2017 |
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Gamagori World Cup Series

Straight after the Radial Europeans it was back to the UK although this was not quite so smooth as with 3 bags and 2 hands I managed to get 1 piece of luggage stuck the other side of the automatic exit doors at Gatwick to me and my bike bag plus hand luggage.

Eventually I made it back on home soil and collected bag number 1 from its Croatian holiday along with my Worlds boat and kit on Friday from Sailboat deliveries at Emsworth ready for Saturday racing at Hayling Island. The club accommodation there is a real blessing and helped me keep my travelling to a minimum.

Ultimately a solid 3rd place, 1 point off 2nd was enough for me to finish 2nd on the Radial ladder for 2017. 3 poor starts on the Sunday (1 the wrong end of the line, 1 black flag and 1 stuck to the pin end at start time) ultimately scuppered my chance of winning the event.

The following day I flew to Japan for the 1st World Cup of the 2017/2018 season. Just making the 1st race, or rather the 2nd 1st race. As the 1st 1st race was abandoned half way through if that makes sense. Tuula had a disappointing regatta, finishing 16th and had the opposite problem to me. She was continually line shy (too far behind the line at start time) but I am sure we can work together to solve this problem.

We are now in the Olympic venue of Ensoshima ready for our next event which has more teams and a higher standard than the World Cup as many people are eager to race on the Olympic venue. Shortly before our arrival the venue got hit by Typhoon Lan (no. 21) but the Japanese did a great job clearing up let us all hope that we can finish this regatta before the next Typhoon hits!


Racing in Gamagori

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