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Oct 1, 2017 |
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Masters World Championships, Split

Every year there is a key regatta (every 4 years it is the Olympics) and for me this year my key regatta was the Masters Worlds in Croatia. I arrived on September 19th, just in time to see the finish of the Senior Laser Standard Worlds Championships. It actually took our plane two attempts to land as with landing gear down and just a few metres off the tarmac, our Easyjet flight was temporary diverted to Italy due to bad weather. Fortunately, the bad weather delay meant there was no racing, so I didn’t miss anything


I had a couple of weekends preparation for the Worlds, the first at Pevensey Bay Sailing Club for the Masters Autumn regatta. I arrived in Pevensey straight after the 2017 SEA Games and luckily I managed to have a good sleep and so wasn’t too jet lagged. In face I think I had a little too much sun on the final day in Langkawi (I certainly wasn’t feeling great at prize giving). This may have been a blessing in disguise as for once I found it very easy to sleep on the plane.

At the Masters Autumn regatta I was really pleased to win every race, after I feel I have been struggling for form over the past few months after not quite getting the balance between coaching and racing myself. After racing I took my boat to Sailboat Deliveries where I loaded my boat and bag number 1. off to Croatia.

The second weekend was Barts Bash and Sunday morning racing at my home club in Weymouth, Castle Cove, using my 2nd boat. Andrew Simpson we remember with the Andrew Simpson Sailing Centre and the Worldwide annual event Barts Bash. Andrew who tragically died training with Artemis was truly one of the nicest guys in sailing and I actually shared a room with him at my first Radial worlds in Wakayama, Japan, in 1993 and I was really happy to win the event at WPNSA home of the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation LINK.

I was very pleased to win the Radial Apprentice Masters Worlds , so good to be part of such a big event, nearly 350 boats from 35 countries. It was great the event was 7 days long as light wind meant 4 days of no racing meaning I was nice and fresh for the pack up (we had a 20 boat trailer at the event), and hot footing it to the next event…

2017 Masters Worlds Croatia




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