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Nov 26, 2018 |
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Winter training

Masters Inlands

Well the year is gradually drawing to a close and I write this as I pack to head out for Vilamoura, Portugal, for our 2nd Camp there. With the temperature in the UK dropping sharply we are able to access much warmer training here, on the same time zone, with just a 2 hour flight. Tuula enjoyed a long break from sailing after Japan and now is on the way back up while Lucia is working hard in Argentina, where the weather is much better than Europe this time of year!


Overall 2018 for my own sailing was a moderately successful year: I remained ranked no 1 in the UK Radial Ladder, although some of the top sailors couldn’t do as many events with me, which did give me a bit of an advantage.. In the Championships I was not quite so successful, ending up finishing 2nd at both the Inland (strong winds) and National (light winds) Championships. On both occasions I wasn’t quite able to match the eventual winners. The Inlands was incredibly close: I won all 3 races on the Saturday and Ben Elvin won all 3 races on the Sunday to beat me on tie-breaker. Whereas the Nationals were less close with George Povall doing nearly enough to win with a race to spare.  

The last domestic event of the year was the Masters’ Inlands, held in Grafham. So it was nice to win the event (counting 5 1sts) and end the season on a high. Although, as always, the results do not always tell the full story and as always I was pushed very hard by Ian Jones.

Next year I am hoping to improve my personal fitness and I have started going to the Pilates Centre Weymouth. Jenny was a key part of Lijia Xu’s very successful 2012 Olympic campaign.



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