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Apr 7, 2019 |
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Seeing the big picture

Finishing 4th is always frustrating to say the least and this is where we ended up at the Princess Sofia regatta after a photo finish in a big wind and big wave medal race…

What we can take away from this camp is a huge number of positives: our light wind performance which was frustrating in 2018 has continued to improve and we also continue to make progress with starting which is a key element of Laser racing and the reason we attend so many regattas. It was also great to see our Emma, one of our Belgian training partners, also making the medal race. Hopefully next time all three can make the medal race and we can start to move towards some podium finishes as we approach this year’s World Championships.

We are going to give the World Cup event in Genoa a miss. Over training can in a way be more dangerous than under training. We have picked the regattas we attend carefully. I will be home in Weymouth at the Youth Nationals doing interviews of the young sailors for the UK Laser Association. It just remains for me to wish everyone a happy Easter. More to come next month!  

Tuula at speed in Palma

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