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Jul 31, 2020 |
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Well, we are back!

This weekend I did my 1st Sunday club race of the season at Castle Cove Sailing Club. The conditions in Portland harbour were great: 20 knots, gusting 26 although there are no photos to prove this because the race team of Kev and Dave had their hands full looking after the fleet and perhaps for me it was good there was no photographic evidence after such a long time out of the boat.

It is the longest time off the water for me since my triple spinal fusion operation way back in 2007 (where I was out for 7 months and it was during this time I wrote my 1st book Be Your Own Sailing Coach). I think my hiking muscles have definitely lost a little bit of their muscle memory or at least I have forgotten how much hiking hurts and at the same time my body weight has crept up more than a little… So, I have opted to sail the Laser standard rig to optimise the amount of hiking I do…

This is perhaps especially true on the Monday and Wednesday evenings when the wind often seems to die off as the sun starts to set. Therefore, sailing the full rig means not only do I do a bit more hiking but I get back that bit quicker to the club for a well-earned beer and supper. The dying wind often reminds me of my drive home to Weymouth from Heathrow airport where the closer I get to home, the slower my speed gets as the roads get smaller and smaller. Much as the wind gradually dies at the end of the evening race.

CCSC has the added bonus of a fantastic balcony with ample outdoor seating. So, it is hard to think of a better back drop to enjoy Rob’s after-racing food in a well distanced and well ventilated area. This Wednesday evening we had a great curry after Monday was unusually blown off and I hope there will be even more takers next week. For September I may need to remember a jacket for the outdoor setting or perhaps I can persuade the club to by some “space heaters”!





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